Sing Dayton!
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Sing Dayton!

(The date of this event is not yet official. We’ll announce it once we’ve booked the venue!)

A Night to Sing in Harmony

Sing Dayton is about connecting. With voices and harmonies and liquid courage.

Drink together, sing together, and go home feeling more connected

People who sing together breathe together. Their hearts synchronize and beat together. For singers, the act of making music is an aerobic activity. It's also an ice breaker. People who sing together feel connected to each other. They feel a sense of belonging. They feel connected to life, their fellow singers, and the city we live in.

An evening of food, drink, bliss, and 3-part harmony pop

Imagine: People all around you choosing vocal parts for a popular song. The music director stands up and guides everyone through the harmonies. Voices merge, spirits lift, time slides… “Beer Break!” rings out, and the camaraderie continues, all the way to the next round of song.

Song sheets, pizza, and drinks

Song sheets are provided. Hard drinks and soft drinks are available for purchase. Pizza courtesy of Dayton’s Original Pizza Factory! Newcomers, choral ninjas, and all ages are welcome. $5 admission at the door.

The song of the night is…

Seasons of Love from the Broadway musical Rent!  It received the most votes in the Sing Dayton song poll. If you’d like to add your voice to the next song poll, subscribe to the Sing Dayton e-newsletter.

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